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  • In-Person @ Lamakaan Off Road No. 1, Banjara Hills Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India (map)
  • 11:00 - 13:00 (UTC+05:30) Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi
  • Language: English

Free SQL Server Training in Hyd

Featured Presentation:

Extended events for monitoring/troubleshooting SQL Server

Hitesh Chouhan

Running profiler on a production system can be challenging given the impact. Microsoft came up with extended events to overcome this but it is not widely used due to the fact that we have to parse an XML to get the data and the absence of GUI to analyze the data. We will be talking about these two challenges mainly in this talk and how can we do the following using sql server extended events: 1. capture query timeouts 2. capture infra heavy queries and much more...

About Hitesh :
Hitesh has been working with databases for about 5 years and has worked on Oracle, MySQL and SQLServer . In past he worked with Microsoft as Technical Advisory for SQL Server Engine, Performance and Azure team.

Database Development with ease

Santosh Mahajan

We often encounter issues like, someone modified a stored procedure code and now the SP fails for few scenarios. Someone dropping a view from development server and we don't have backup. Function went through various iterations and we don't have history of it. Also renaming a column is like a small project in itself and requires good amount of efforts. To address such kind of challenges and to improve DB developer productivity, Microsoft came up with tool named SQL Server data tools. I will walk you through demonstration of the tool along with how DBA's can use it to manage consistent configuration across all their servers.

About Santosh :
Santosh is database guy with over 10+ years of experience. He architects, designs, develops databases to materialize complex business needs. He worked on entire Microsoft SQL Server stack including database engine, SSAS, SSRS, DQS, MDS, SSIS, etc.

SQL performance tuning

Anil Kumar, SQL DBA | Performance tuning Engineer TCS

An approach to SQL Performance tuning

About Anil:
Anil has been working as a Production Support and Development DBA from last 6+ years and have worked on all versions from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2016. He is working with TCS as Performance Tuning Engineer



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